Better Together

Build and maintain your resilience. Deepen your knowledge for personal health. Utilize tools to help implement your skills. Achieve your goals.



8 Health Programs | 33 Micro-Courses | 240 Video Lessons | 11 How-to Guides | 4 Workout Programs and 256 Unique Workouts | 7 Recipe Packs with 261 Unique Recipes


- A Daily Performula (agenda) that makes a healthy pattern simpler to implement.

- Health tracking for activity, sleep, and weight (stay mindful of your daily pattern).

- Tools for mindfulness and staying calm through breathwork.


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Many factors affect resilience and daily performance.

Physical Activity

  • How to mix exercise into your day.
  • Know how much and what type of physical activity to get.
  • Better fitness results for less effort.
  • How and why to track activity.


  • What to eat to perform better.
  • Designing nutrient-dense meals.
  • Broaden cooking skills to last a lifetime.
  • Eat better anywhere.


  • Understand the hidden and surprising obstacles to a great night's sleep.
  • Understanding all non-sleep factors (ie., nutrition) that contribute to great sleep.
  • Your best tomorrow starts tonight.

Body Clock

  • 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in this subject. It’s crucial to our health.
  • Align your body clocks for optimal health and performance.
  • Overcome jetlag faster.

Stress Management

  • Understand the difference between good stress and bad stress.
  • Learn how to use good stress to improve health and resilience.
  • Regulate your pattern of go/rest in your day.
  • Mindframes for resilience and persistence for normal life and during adversity.


  • Understanding the value of the off period of meals.
  • Utilizing different fasting strategies and why.
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that make fasting ineffective or harmful.

Weight Control

  • Controlling factors that aid in satiety and subconscious energy control.
  • Prioritize inputs that yield the greatest ROI.
  • Harness all the factors that matter.

Better Aging

  • Maintain youthfulness with aging.
  • Avoiding low-yield ideas.
  • Understand the key drivers of the aging process, and how to modify them.
  • Learn how to reverse aging changes in the body and brain.
  • Stay current with the latest trends.

Mental Performance

  • Effective strategies across a 24 hour period.
  • Show up as your best self for all the things you care to do well.
  • Self-regulation mastery.

And Much More

  • This is a journey for all of us. Health is often confusing. Will you be more knowledgable and more skilled one year from now?


We help you become more knowledgeable on topics that affect health, more knowledgeable about yourself and your patterns, and more empowered to put all your skills and knowledge into practice. Nothing that we provide is healthy for you but we help you do smarter work.

If you believe in getting better over time, that personal health is a lifelong quest, and that tools can amplify your ability to succeed, then humanOS has been built for you.